Solid Foundation

Golden Motors World (International) Limited (GWM) is one of the pioneers in Hong Kong's motor trading industry with a mission to provide the latest models, the highest qualiity vehicles and the best services to customers. Throughout its motor trading services since 1978, GWM has been renowned as a professional motor trading company that encompasses wide spectrum of industries

With experienced staffs, GWM is in a position to provide professional advices to the customers and to be ahead of the car retails industry.


Business Overview

GWM provide wholesale and retail service in Hong Kong and China. GWM concerns about a full range of services and after sale care, in order to satisfy customeres need. Besides dealing with brand new prestigious vehicles, GWM is also involved in the sales of pre-owned cars to the local market, whereby such cars are sold with warranty.

The performance of GWM has been shown from organizing numberous large exhibitions over the past years. GWM import luxury cars from Europe, namely Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedez-Benz, BMW and Porsche. Famous Japanese cars are also imported directly from Japan such as Lexus, Honda, Toyota, etc.